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Lock Market Watch: Heading to the high-end

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-07

In recent years, electronic security products, intelligent trend is very clear, just in the lock industry upgrade window period. The emergence of fingerprint, its reliability, safety of use, ease of representing the most advanced level in the lock industry. Advanced biometric technology grafting lock voice, iris and face recognition access control system locks appear, to improve people's living standards, promote the development of other industries have made outstanding contributions.door lock manufacturer

Throughout the history of locks, after centuries of development, China's production of lock products already covered padlocks, ball locks, bike motorcycle locks, industrial locks, car locks, train locks, instruments of torture with a lock, Memorial multiple categories craft locks, hotel locks, with its many as thousands of varieties, constitute our existing lock system.

China's hardware lock industry has no shortage of advanced design, high-quality products, with advanced countries comparable.

(A) industrial design in the integration of cultural, personal taste attention. Lock hardware models available in the market, variety, variety, but the real start will be from a variety of cultural connotation design as a design concept into one of the rare, so the first trend is in the lock body function for a new designed to meet family needs. User experience and product more humane concern.door handle suppliers

(B) the rise of smart lock intelligent hardware, currently, technology and high-tech smart locks, including locks, ic card lock, fingerprint and other unique because of its convenience, as well as the technology matures and the use of biometrics Fingerprint technology, but also because of the uniqueness of fingerprints, can not be copied, easy to carry, do not forget, do not lose the properties, with the broader market prospects. Factional LOCKS never stopped research and innovation in this regard.

(C) metal locks hardware products enterprises pay more attention to detail attention to product quality improvement, the details reflect consumer tastes, reflecting the connotation of understanding of the product. It is to focus on technology and quality certification, so that product performance standards with international standards. This is more emphasis on consumers.

(Iv) business more focus on quality and brand, crystal connotation is really good brand of quality, durability, sustained development; quality is the life. And focus on product innovation and patent applications, enhance core competitiveness, protection of intellectual property increasingly standardized.China locks factory

Future, our country will develop high-end market lock, mainly from several aspects:

Development of high-grade lock

High-grade lock market outlook, because high-end locks with high technological content, more prominent humane, personalized features, so the product is relatively high profits. The locks should increase high-tech investment, promote structural upgrading of China's lock industry.

Implementation of brand strategy

Lock industry leading companies and brands to produce huge economic and social benefits, and now our locks face more severe challenges, competition has forced companies to respond positively so that the production of the lock by a power to a power forward.

The implementation of pluralism

To lock company and market their own accurate positioning, the implementation of diversified development. In the so-called field, designed to meet the individual needs of the public and have locks, locks avoid similar mass to bring fierce competition. Further diversification of enterprises should take the market road, avoid being affected by certain fundamental factors affecting the development of enterprises.

The rapid development of information technology in the development of the smart lock into a new stage of development. With the wisdom of lock market smart home, things that the rapid progress of development, from the basic advantages of China's lock industry, grasp the correct direction of the times, growing up in radical in progress, expect lock market a better tomorrow!


Survey shows that China is still more than 50% of users are still using a level locking, especially some old district, most are used in this cylinder. According to Ministry of Public Security "mechanical anti-theft lock" provisions, anti-theft security lock their ability into "a" and "b" two kinds. a level locks to prevent technical lock time of less than 1 minute; b-level locks to prevent technology theft unlock time of less than five minutes. But now, because the thief unlock upgrade technology to enable a level locking is opened shortened to within ten seconds, very unsafe, so the locks should be upgraded, modified b-level security locks.

How to pick a good quality anti-theft lock?

How to choose a good b-level lock? First weigh weight, the heavier locks, anti-theft function better. Second, look at the lock cylinder, the cylinder generally use good quality plating, smooth surface, bright color. Wherein the color is dark yellow copper core, relatively strong, better anti-theft performance; and cylinder dark color, the color gray bubbles are zinc alloy, theft performance in general.

In the market to buy a lock should be noted: 1) Beware of the marketing gimmick, one should not be deceived import lock. According to his understanding, the current domestic anti-theft locks almost no imports, traders say import anti-theft lock is actually used foreign production technology lock it, but not really imported lock, so as not to spend the money wasted expensive. Second, do not be the temptation to add steel bars of the lock, from a practical means of unlocking, the current thieves are usually unlock unlock quietly, generally does not produce a lot of movement, broke down the locks will rarely use violent means, So steel bars lock is generally useless, the public did not need to spend this money wasted. 2) Anti-theft lock Also note that routine maintenance, when dry if they turn the lock cylinder does not move, do not use oil lubrication. Because oil is easily oxidized and solidified over time will destroy the cylinder structure. You can put pencil into the key hole of the end of the child, and then insert the lock cylinder is rotated several times you can play a role of lubrication.