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Lock Market general lack of brand awareness

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-11

China locks Hardware Manufacturers Small-scale enterprises, small enterprises, not well drive the development of lock industry, China locks belong to the low end of the market, their own lack of brand awareness, not too much emphasis on brand building, some companies just workshops, financial, human and other factors restricting its development, lack of brand awareness.

The recent increase in raw material costs increased steel costs, driven by increased cost of many downstream industries, locks market is no exception, the increase in raw material costs, making the development of some enterprises is restricted, there may be some companies facing closure, and some companies will increase product raise prices to absorb the cost of such corporate profit margins become smaller and increase the competitiveness of enterprises, which also seriously affect corporate brand building. Therefore, the slow development of China's lock market.

Lock lock industry of high-end products a new round of technological competition has started, high-tech trend is clearly the future of high-end products. In recent years, with the rapid development of residential, automotive, high-grade office buildings and hotels, as well as the pillar industries of national defense, public security, financial and other systems to increasingly strengthen preventive lock products have a high demand for high-grade locks became popular. Because of the high-end locks technical content, more prominent humane, personalized features, so the relatively high profit products. Plus locks generation of products faster, high-end locks locks will gradually become the mainstream. According to industry estimates, the market prospects of high-end locks will be very substantial.Doorknob supplier

Establish a corporate brand in the development of enterprises in the process, brand and corporate goods prices has a very close relationship, product prices always affect the company's sales revenue and profit. And in addition to the product price product performance, technical content, use, etc., often there is an intangible thing, that is the corporate brand. In the field of trade, businesses pick a brand of product, as long as this product has excellent quality, as long as quality in the minds of consumers had a reputation, this brand will have a value, even if the price relative to other similar products is much higher, consumers still buy it, and put it as a symbol of expensive noble identity.China Locks Factory