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Lock Security Level

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-28

In addition to anti-theft door itself, is the key to the door lock anti-theft, anti-theft door lock cylinder countries will be divided into three grades: A grade, B grade and B-grade super (C grade), different key locks, the more level high security coefficient greater.

AStage cylinderGenerally including traditional word lock, cross lock, crescent lock cylinder and most inside a row of marbles only lock structure, security is poor, turn on time is generally several seconds to two minutes or so, a lot of the developer submitted a lock fashion a core is level. Door Lock Manufacturers

Prevention Guide:A lock is a key target level thief. Use hooks, iron tablets can open up to no more than one minute, the fastest twelve seconds. Police recommended that it should be promptly replaced by A-grade lock cylinder better anti-theft performance of B-level locking. In addition, the installation of a latch on the door. Door handle supplier

BStage cylinderGenerally comprises locks and part of a single row of marbles and marble double blade structure composed of security in general. Professional locksmith to open take 1-5 minutes. Class B lock key for the flat key, double row ball groove, with A-level lock key difference is that a row of crooked face more irregular lines. Cylinder into three main types, computer double cylinder, double crescent-cylinder, double-sided blade cylinder. Anti-technical open time of 5 minutes, mutual opening rate. Through strong twisting tool, one minute can turn the lock cylinder.

Prevention Guide:For now Most cells use the class B lock, the public can upgrade to replace all defensible technical open super Class B lock. You may have filed formal locks purchase, for just one or two hundred.

Super Class B lock cylinderTypically includes a plurality of rows and rows of marbles blade combination lock, as well as the whole blade plus side column structure locks, anti-theft lock cylinder in the current three best.

Key-sided shape of the inner vane groove milling or milling outside key lock cylinder type cylinder side legs; technology can not open by the Ministry of Public Security 270 minutes, regional mutual opening rate of zero (1/16000000) . Marble structure plus V-shaped double blade side legs locked; if a horse tool to open the lock, the lock cylinder internal damage, blew locked, making it impossible to open. Due to easy open, anti-theft highest coefficient, home security recommended Super Class B lock. Door hardware manufacturer