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Lock companies with emphasis on personalized door enterprise cooperation

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-02-05

      Economists believe that the development of the industry each industry or go through a process that industry life cycle. This process usually consists of four stages: initial stage, growth stage, maturity and decline phase. At present, China's hardware industry is in lock between maturity and decline stage. Why do you say? In recent years, countries have been advocating the transformation of economic growth mode, all levels of government have also invested heavily in promoting industrial upgrading. Many local governments in the implementation of the transfer of industries and eliminate backward production capacity, reduce the number of enterprises, to avoid duplication and improve their overall quality.Door lock Manufacturers

China's hardware lock industry product homogeneity is serious, the large number of small and micro enterprises, and enterprises sales channels and more similar, consumers can be well-known brands rarely, even within the home building industry, the number of well-known brand hardware lock not many. Therefore, after the end of the current cycle, many small and micro enterprises will be eliminated. Bi Xin Miao Pu, general manager of hardware being said: "The State will force some industries and companies eliminated through a variety of means of macroeconomic control, its purpose, first, in order to implement the scientific concept of development, the second is to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry at present, hardware lock industry. positive 'troubled times', the domestic real estate market downturn, metal locks decrease product demand, sales decline in the foreign trade market, many export-oriented enterprises orders this year compared with previous years, have been reduced. "Door handle supplier

The future development of hardware lock industry appears three major trends.

Trend: Digital fingerprint technology is expected to make up the short board

Locks on the product itself, on our market is mostly a mechanical lock mortise lock and ball lock. Both locks production technology is simple, as long as real materials, strictly control the various manufacturing sectors, the quality is generally not a problem. But the two locks is not high-tech products, low-tech, upgrading difficult. Thus, the domestic lock industry after nearly two decades of development, still no breakthrough, product function is always positioned on the practical and safe anti-theft feature. Maximum effort companies can do is to control the quality of products, the appearance of the models were innovation. It is no exaggeration to say, low-tech and ball lock mortise lock caused deficiencies become short board lock industry development.Door hardware manufacturer

However, the advent of electronic fingerprint hardware lock industry has certainly improved. With the wide application of intelligent security technology development and chip electronic fingerprint to rapid development. At present, some big brands such as the Department of Tyrone, Paramount, door, cherry and other companies have developed intelligent electronic fingerprint lock. Pu Xin Hardware is also actively developing digital products smart locks, we have invested a lot of money and manpower, but also for this purpose set up a production workshop. Miao always said, there is likely to be an intelligent electronic fingerprint lock industry, the last piece of "blue ocean", the market is still very great, relatively high profits, profits and after-sales service is also great, worthy lock enterprises to pay. An enterprise to survive in the products must be walking on two legs, one must have a high value-added products, it can bring more profits for the company; second is to have to take the amount of product that only earn a small profit, it is intended to cause the attention of consumers, increase brand and corporate influence. Both are indispensable. For lock enterprises, the ball lock can be used to take the amount, while the mortise lock and electronic locks you can get more profits.

Trends: Enterprise lock and door-enterprise cooperation emphasizing personalized

As we all know, though lock industry scale development earlier than door, but the door industry after a decade of rapid development, the scale of the industry is far more than the lock industry. Today, the development of the door lock industry has become the industry benchmark. Often after the advent of a new door, locks business models that will be based on product design and production to match the door lock. Many European-style lock on the market are based on the high-end European-style wooden doors design production.