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Lock company through the brand "lock" Profit

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-09
        Lock is a hardware industry in both traditional and new products, and people's production and daily life. Under the joint efforts of the industry, China has become the world's largest producer of locks, and the formation of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and three major production bases. And promote the industry, brand building, to provide consumers with peace of mind has become a common goal selected lock industry. Recently, China's first lock-sponsored by the China National Hardware Association of Development SummitForum on "China's top ten lock king" award ceremony held in Beijing, the industry department leadership, the industry's leading entrepreneurs, distributors and representatives of a total of more than 200 people attended the forum activities. Establish industry brand awareness Reporters learned that the 2012 annual "China Top Ten Lock King" winners in this forum officially unveiled. "In the highest quality products, to provide consumers with the most secure protection of personal and property safety," is the common aspiration of "China Top Ten Lock King" winners expression. According to the China National Hardware Association, leader of this "China Top Ten Lock King" winners collective appearance, the purpose is to let consumers know the product quality locks and lock manufacturers; more important reason to carry out this activity, the production enterprises We have recognized the importance of brand building. When the domestic locks companies see their products to international brands OEM after, the price is often more than ten times the price of their products, manufacturers a more profound understanding of the importance of brand building. Brand influence is directly related to the price level and consumer loyalty, so branding needs through the "China Top Ten Lock King" contest in such activities, drive the industry to establish a brand concept and brand awareness, and guide enterprises to embark on the road of brand development . It is understood that the 2012 annual "China Top Ten Lock King" contest was officially launched in early 2012, selected activities organized by the China National Hardware Association. Commissioned by the National Association funded daily metal Supervision and Inspection Center for the national market lock products for sampling. Eventually, Yantai three-ring lock Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang neutral Group Co., Ltd. Wenzhou City General Lock, Zhongshan Huafeng lock Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Pujiang Plum Lock Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Gregory Lock Industry Co., Ltd. Guangdong ARCHIE Co., Ltd, Wenzhou Tianyu Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong-lock door lock manufacturerIndustry Co., Ltd.-profit Industrial Co., Ltd. and other ten companies stand out, won the 2012 annual "China's top ten lock king" title. According to reports, the selection criteria for this, "China's top ten lock king" contest is very strict, companies have elected to have a good overall quality, represents the highest level of lock industry.Confidence achieve transformation and upgrading In recent years, with the rapid development of the housing industry and the automotive industry, locks growing range of products, increasing quality and technological content. To padlock the main products from development to have 20 categories over 100 series over 8000 varieties and specifications; from traditional door handle suppliers single tongue locks double tongue locks developed to the ball locks, handle locks, mortise door locks, electronic locks, magnetic card lock, IC card lock, auto lock, motorcycle lock, lock, digital locks, etc., to expand integration, intelligence and direction of combining functional and decorative electromechanical, the basic form high, medium and low-grade products supporting system. Due to significant price-performance advantages of locks on the international market increasingly competitive. According to customs statistics, in 2012 China lock products are exported to 208 countries and regions, the cumulative exports reached $ 5.229 billion. Reporters learned that the current development of China's lock industry is facing many challenges, and therefore lock companies need confidence, ready for a new round of economic growth after the recovery situation. In this regard, within those recommendations, the system locks enterprises should strengthen research and development efforts designed to improve product quality, increase brand development efforts, and improve staff training system, efforts to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the goal.China locks factory