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Lock culture abroad

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-15
Early 18th century by the British D · Porter invention cam lock in turn, its key number consists of more than 20 kinds of three spring locks to more than 80 kinds of development; the mid-19th century, the European manufacturer of cam locks and three transfer sheet spring lock turn converted into the sliding lock piece, based on its key number up to 1600 species. China Locks Factory
In 1848, the Americans L · Yale invention employs a cylindrical plug pin tumbler lock, the lock has become the world's most popular locks. Today, the structure of modern pin tumbler another new development, there bidirectional, three-way, four-way marble structure, and a flat, double-sided, multi-faceted, double-sided, multi-row multi-faceted structure and composition marbles marble structure, thus greatly improving the lock security performance, the lock original numbering some 2500 kinds through "to", "face" to reach one million kinds of changes. Doorknob supplier
In the 1970s, with the application of microelectronics technology, the emergence of magnetic locks, voice-activated locks, lock ultrasonic, infrared locks, electromagnetic locks, electronic card locks, Babai fingerprint, eye locks, remote locks, these locks have mechanical structure incomparable high security performance. In addition, also in particular modern lock system, according to the set logic implementation of the system process control. Door Manufacturers
Password lock is unlocked by a password, it is mainly used for such high security safe locks. The most common sensors lock IC card lock, it can be divided into contact and non-contact type two, contactless IC card lock to lock stitch card into contact with the chip inside the lock reader; non-contact IC card This process does not need to lock, just to the card reader and the lock can be close together, such as parking lots, subway and other public places to use this kind of latch is a non-contact IC card lock. Biometric locks is to use biometric technology to open locks, including fingerprint, palm lock, retina lock.