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Lock enterprises to focus on user needs to create new bright spot locks

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-10-11

    In recent years, the lock is a sudden emergence of enterprises, small and medium-sized lock enterprises continue to increase. But look at the lock industry, allowing consumers to remember the lock brand is rare. Lock as an indispensable part of home decoration, related to home safety, consumers pay more attention to the choice of locks. In view of this, lock enterprises how to do? Lock enterprises how to meet consumer demand? Door lock manufacturers

1, the function of re-user needs and experience

Lock from the development trend of the industry, the user experience and the concern of human products has been routed to the first place. Lock enterprises should be from the product applications, user needs, consumer habits, the existing market, the indoor lock for extensive and in-depth study, combined with the door factory and other senior industrial customers feedback in the lock function on the new Designed to meet family needs. Door handle suppliers

2, innovative design reflects the culture and taste

In the modeling design into culture, personality grade concerns. Locks on the market hardware styles, varied, wide variety, but the real from the beginning of a design will be a variety of cultural connotations as a design concept into which is rare. Lock enterprises can try this exploration.

3, environmental protection and energy security with "lock"

Environmental protection and energy saving and security is now in the production of the lock industry attention. The serious call for environmental issues more responsible producers of practical action. Whether the product through the environmental system and occupational health and safety system certification; whether the gradual adoption of environmentally friendly plating process to reduce the use of cyanide, the use of 3 chromium plating; whether to meet the electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry pollutant discharge standards are door hardware manufacturers began More attention to the problem.

4, high-tech intelligent lock to promote

The rise of the application of biometric technology and the development of intelligent hardware, lock and hardware applications together to a new height, home intelligent in the near future will enter the homes of ordinary people.

Analysis on Brand Marketing Demand of Hardware Lock

At present, although China is the world's largest metal producing countries, but the high-precision, high-efficiency products is not a lot of low-level, low value-added phenomenon is widespread, brand marketing is also seriously lagging behind. Hardware locks in order to improve competitiveness, we must expand sales channels, the development of high-end products.

In fact, the current brand awareness in the case of the lock industry is not strong, metal lock enterprises to establish their own brand awareness, there should be patent awareness, so that their production technology to be protected under the premise of the lock technology innovation, Started their own brand, expand the enterprise lock product market share.