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The lack of normative locks market competitive market

  • Author:Root Hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-08

Copper, zinc and other metal raw material prices downward fluctuations, customers in order to recover money, reduce inventory pressure, were guaranteed sales, door and window locks to increase sales. The introduction of measures to expand domestic demand to ease some of the pressure caused by the financial crisis, domestic door locks rally obvious. All in all windows and doors with locks unprecedented development upward trend. Door Lock Manufacturers

Increase in autumn and winter home decorating, door locks, handle locks, anti-theft locks and hinges, door smoking products such movements better, larger volume; chain lock, motorcycle lock padlock Singles and other products are also popular with consumers, sales considerable. Export, foreign to inquiry, mainly back to a single, waiting to see atmosphere. Door handle supplier

It is understood that there are some doors and locks problems that also need to attract the attention of enterprises lock doors and windows, lock the doors and windows industry constantly on industrial upgrading, increased to unprecedented heights. China Locks Factory

General lack of brand awareness

China's small-scale enterprises lock, lock small enterprises, can not drive the development of a good lock industry, China's low barriers to entry locks, locks of their own lack of brand awareness, build brand do not pay attention Li, some companies only family-owned, financial, human, technical, management and other factors restricting the development, brand awareness is lacking. Locks enterprises should strengthen brand building, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises locks, lock specification With the market.

Lack of market competition Normative

Currently about 88% of the market within the lock products from Zhejiang province, which accounts for about 28% of the local Yiwu factory direct high as 70.5%, to middle and low production of lock products, high-end production Goods scarce. Since the lock industry is labor-intensive industries, low entry barriers, the degree of specialization is not high, competition is becoming increasingly intense. Low barriers to market lock products on the lack of standardization, homogenization of some products Yan Weight, the product does not feature, cohabitation, authenticity of the enemy. Increase in raw material costs, some of the locks enterprises to adopt a price war, increasing the disorderly competition lock market, adding to the development of the lock industry.