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Lock knowledge: What kind of door locks?

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-10-20
In this case,1, from the appearance of the points, the lock can be divided into padlock, ball lock, handle lock and lock four categories

     Ball lock and handle lock, the lock, handleAnd touch the ball into one of three functions.

Dock lock and touch the beads only two functions, the main security in the door on the home, there is no handle, switchWhen the inconvenience, need another security handle. Door lock manufacturer

In this case,2, according to use points, door locks can be divided into door locks, bedroom locks, bathroom locks and channel locks four categories

(1) door lock: security in the residential door on the door, so the door lock must be anti-theft lock, and its security is the first one. Because the door is usually installed outside the security door, the gap between the two is relatively small, so the door lock is usually used without the handle of the springLock (commonly known as "lock"), so as not to lock the top of the handle to the security door, customs do not come. Door handle suppliers

(2) bedroom lock: security in the bedroom door, must be able to ensure the privacy of the bedroom. Can be locked inside, open the outside must use the key.

(3) bathroom lock: in the bathroom or bathroom, can be locked inside, it is best to use the key from the outside to open, because the bath may be fainted, coma or poisoning accident, if not open from the outside is not conducive to Ambulance. In addition, the bathroom lock should also be waterproof, anti-rust function. Door hardware manufacturer

(4) channel lock: security in the kitchen, living room, dining room, hall and children's room door, only from the handle and hit the role of beads, used to open the door closed, no insurance. Need to be reminded that children's room is best to use the channel lock, so that children in case of accidents, open the door to facilitate care.