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Lock market profits fell seriously how to do?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-06

    Lack of integrated brand skills. After careful not difficult to understand the invention, the flow of metal products on the market today, rough work, a single style and outdated, inadequate protection of the brand, which severely depressed consumer trust in the product, and When consumers purchase hardware products, precisely for the brand is very important, can be said that the primary needs to buy the product, the brand integrated force difference undoubtedly restricted the overall growth of the hardware industry. Door Lock Manufacturers

Foreign snatch market. China's hardware products, especially die fortune mostly in small workshop mode of production, product refinement and professionalism of insufficient production, and large foreign mold enterprise more small and specialized, small but excellent, which for the foreign-funded enterprises to enter China's market opening the channel. Raw material prices, profit margins low. Direct materials hardware products for steel, and steel prices continue to rise, but envelope. Then to bathroom hardware, for example, produced a faucet product The biggest cost of raw materials, mainly to tap the current copper-based materials, while the price of copper 38,000 yuan / ton, it is understood, the cost of raw materials accounted for more than 70% of total production costs, China lock factory in accordance with the gross domestic 30% profit margin calculation, the cost price of a faucet had reached 200.