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Safety locks activities held in Beijing

  • Author:root hardware
  • Source:China Economic Net
  • Release on :2015-12-29

China Economic Net Beijing October 24 (Reporter Zhao Jing) by the Chinese hardware industry technology innovation strategic alliance organizer, the China Consumer Association, "Chinese consumers" magazine organized the "lock products assured consumer guide published scientific production activity" recently in Beijing hold. The activity level on the locks, locks and safety of consumers of common concern, the selection of locks and other issues, invited business representatives and experts published authoritative view. door lock manufacturer

The event to "promote the development of science to ease consumer" as its theme, aims to protect consumers' legitimate rights and interests, promote B grade A grade cylinder lock cylinder change process, raise consumer awareness of safety locks, so that consumers in the consumer locks do science in cognition, rational choice and the correct consumption. 

According to the China Consumers Association, the survey found that more than 50% of users still using A-level locks, some of the old district are mostly used in this cylinder. Consumers Association pointed out that this lock unlock with the development of technology, security decline, although some anti-theft lock is set to increase the number of multi-lock turning circle of security, but a few more turning circle, the thief seconds You can break success. door handle suppliers

According to reports, the current market level anti-theft lock key A word major keys and Cross Keys. A class cylinder internal structure is very simple, limited to changes in the balls, marbles and shallow groove less. A class cylinder through hit spoon, needle-shaped lock and twisting wrenches, tin foil open, universal key technology and tools less than one minute will be able to open, interoperable high open rate. A class is a single row of pin tumbler cylinder or cross lock tumbler. The Class B flat key lock key is, there are double marble trough, with A-level lock key difference is that a row of crooked face more irregular lines. Cylinder into three main types, computer double cylinder, double crescent cylinder, double-sided blade cylinder. Anti-technical open time within five minutes, mutual opening rate. Through strong twisting tool, within one minute you can open the lock. At present the market appears super B-level and C-level locking latch, lock the two countries to meet the basic requirements for Class B lock, it should belong to the B-level locking. China locks factory

But for ordinary people, in addition to the key shape from respectively, are difficult to distinguish from technology and performance point of view, it is necessary to do this by way of concise hardware lock industry to the general consumer popularity and interpret locks and related products and technical standards . 

Meanwhile, in the locks in the consumer market, consumers do not understand how the technology, processes and the quality of enterprises, and enterprises do not know what the consumer's willingness to spend and demand, the lack of effective communication platform, market information needs to butt the two sides. So hardware lock industry should play an effective advantages, the common responsibility to protect consumers' legitimate rights and interests of social responsibility, which is the original intention of the event was held. 

Activities, the China Consumer Association, international organizations and relevant departments leaders, guests and experts from the perspective of active and passive safety locks safety, consumer demand, and relevant experience of international security locks and other lock-related knowledge to explain and elaborate, improve consumer Locks & Locks level of safety awareness. 

In addition, Guangdong gold atoms lock Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City-based letter Cylinder Co., business representatives, Guangdong Ju Sen Hardware Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in terms of technology, research and development, structure, processes, and intellectual property rights related to consumers universal locks knowledge, and live presentations for the consumer class A and B class distinction lock cylinder. 

It is reported that activity also issued a "lock products TRUSTED Consumer Guide." The guide will be production and consumption point of view, the production of enterprises to standardize the production of proposing norms comments and for consumers to purchase qualified security lock products provide guidance so that consumers ultimately achieve scientific knowledge in locks consumption, rational choice and the purpose of the correct consumption.