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Electricity how to develop lock industry properly

  • Author:root hardware
  • Source:hc360.com
  • Release on :2015-12-30

With China's rapid economic growth, China has become the world's largest door lock manufacturer. Getting good lock industry growth course worthy of recognition, but people still recognize China lock industry sectors Reality: Although China is a big country lock, not the power locks, those expensive "foreign" lock is still "exotic." In the future, China lock industry needs to forge ahead, get rid of "a key to open several locks" the quality of cancer, turned "strength Gangster." According to 2014 statistics, the country locks up to 2.2 billion annual sales as much as the commercial market demand for fingerprint only up to 500 million units per year. At the same time, the demand for the civilian market is constantly growing. Domestic lock industry with annual sales of up to 400 billion yuan, production capacity of more than 2 billion units, with exports more than 10 billion yuan. Forecast, will continue to more than 20% annual rate of growth of China's lock market in the future.door handle suppliers

Lock industry forecast the future development direction

For the lifeblood of China lock industry market development, we can not accurately grasp, but can be based on current market trends, forecast the future direction of the lock industry.

(A) automobile lock market has great potential: According to data released by Booz "in 2015 - China's auto service market trend forecast 2020 forecast and trend analysis report" shows that: in 2014 China's auto output reached 23.895 million, the cumulative growth of 7.1%. Continued growth in automobile production and sales of automotive lock market provides a larger space for development, automobile theft-prone but also to owners of private cars pay more attention to the choice of anti-theft lock, this indicates a huge potential market for car locks.

(B) Rural lock market Xintiandi: With the great support of national policies in rural areas, rural change is very large, increasing the living standards of farmers, but the first thing is that after wealthy farmers to build a house, the house Gedo, the lock needs It will follow the increase, which lock industry is undoubtedly good news.

(C) the mortise lock is the development direction: but our little mortise lock manufacturers, small, quality is not high, the function is relatively simple, so that, with the development of the market, mortise lock It will be a development direction of the market. Locks from the current market, the door market in a long time, will continue to mechanical locks based. Mechanical locks are mainly spherical mortise lock and door locks, mortise lock and development potential significantly higher than the spherical door locks, first, the use of mortise lock door far superior than spherical, the second is inserted core locks easy to escape in a fire.China locks factory

(D) high-end products become mainstream: prediction from China lock industry and market supply and demand trends report for High-end locks technological content, more focused prominent humane, personalized, distinctive, and therefore relatively high profit products. Ordinary lock products faster, high-end locks locks will gradually become the mainstream market. In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, the beautiful countryside construction gradually strengthened, people on security, reliability, convenience and other security equipment requirements increasingly high demand for high-grade lock market will increase further. Future, science and technology era, locks, will enter the high-end products of the "fast track."

Locks development of the electricity supplier industry

Internet age, a variety of Internet-based innovative applications so that more and more businesses see the value of traditional industries. E-commerce has become a layout position lock industry into innovative online marketing vanguard force, through the Internet platform to build mobile client for the entire industry effectively expanded the marketing channels, reducing its costs and quickly establish a reputation in the market, to create a strong market leadership. Then lock the electricity supplier industry, how the layout of the channel?

To learn first consumer packaged goods industry

Lock industry can contribute to the FMCG industry study has several aspects: First, to honestly understand the consumer, to understand the way can be like Procter & Gamble, as through scientific research to market; the second is to pay attention to visual marketing, make may enhance the product's first impression, such as FMCG usually up and down a lot of work in the packaging, electricity supplier in terms of security, the key point is that the overall store design and improve the product details page, which is consumers understand products The main way, taking full advantage of the visual impact, color harmony, page layout and copywriting have human feelings and the like to enhance the user's browser page goodwill; third is to break the traditional pattern of thinking, the whole network marketing on the Internet, and cut social hot topic, in order to obtain high visibility.

Second, we must build Selling

The so-called selling point, in fact, mining products to impress customers unique core interests of the point, which is required before the development of each product, we need to have a dedicated team in-depth analysis of user needs, understanding ordinary household products rigid requirements for monitoring, research client expectations, from stylish compact body design to facilitate simple applications, even for the protection of user privacy issues have also overcome the technical, to provide the ultimate user experience of the product. Lock is the most used and most common product, its use, appearance, price and so on will affect consumer choice, "good shape, approachable" mainstream future products.

Third, improve the user experience

Electricity providers online transaction process, less experiential consumption. Products touched, can not touch, shipping to the receipt process only the product and instructions, the user does not enjoy more professional security services, trust and viscosity is not high, is not conducive to the formation of secondary consumption. At the same time, after-sales service with the line, but also consumers worry most problems. The most taboo is some electricity providers are not well-developed production of high-quality products in line with user needs, but the original works machine changes after the name of "civil security" on the cover sold directly to consumers online, resulting in very poor user experience. After a long period of market exploration, research and analysis, the current popular products on the market more generally consistent with whole wireless, intelligent learning code, flexible networking and other features, through these features, users can experience wireless DIY fun with the family, Enjoy the benefits of real products to the family.

Therefore, lock products should also fully consider the consumer experience in the electronic business platform, like to focus on training of consumer word of mouth.

Finally, and no less marketing

Wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, lock products even more so. Security products based on the characteristics of small consumer groups, decided to pay it impossible for large-scale advertising to the general public as consumer goods. Internet marketing ideas focus on word of mouth marketing, in order to produce excellent quality products based on mining products to meet customers' highlights consumer pain point demand, the pursuit of high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service. Timely release and sales activities related to new product information, promotional activities and customer feedback reputation, forming clusters in the form of ponds marketing model. Meanwhile, the promotion expenses should be more devoted to provide consumers with more-than-expected value-added services and experiences, the use of microblogging, letters and other new media, instant communication tools to do online and offline business integration O2O model. If the promotional budget of some funds, but also can make use of a professional event planning company to carry out activities under the line, to create DIY security as the starting point, so that more consumers have knowledge of the development and production of security products, to develop consumer habits. Meanwhile, also on the popularity of the public awareness of safety locks play a positive role in guiding.