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Locks enterprises in China need to heighten their creativity

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-12

In the increasingly competitive international market promotion today, China is still a lock if no sense of innovation, do not stop before, is bound to be eliminated by the international market. Lock enterprises should actively adopt new materials, focusing on product modeling and decorative arts at the same time, and gradually the use of computer electronics, information, biometrics, nanomaterials and other advanced technology grafting traditional lock industry, efforts to develop the market prospects of new products, and a breakthrough in the use of performance. Such as residential high-grade mortise lock series, automobile lock series, civilian lock series, anti-theft locks series, rolling code remote control series, upscale mechatronics ic smart card lock, tm card lock, exit lock latch series, biometrics features lock series, etc., can be reformed in the process, technical innovation, and gradually mature. Door Manufacturers

China locks production and increase consumption for all to see. Domestic lock industry with annual sales of up to 400 billion yuan, production capacity of more than 2 billion units, with exports more than 10 billion yuan. It is reported that China market will continue to lock more than 20% annual rate of growth in the future. China Locks Factory

In an increasingly competitive market environment, create high-threshold, highly specialized, high-end locks of labor characteristic industry, is the only way for the future of China lock industry. Improve product quality standards, market-oriented, and increase efforts to adjust product structure, innovation of science and technology, developing new materials, new technology research and development, establish a powerful influence on the lock characteristic brand market in order to make the future of the market with locks lasting development potential.