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Locks road to integration imperative

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-14

China lock industry along with the knowledge economy, the global economy, competitive factors and changes in the arrival of the information society, faced with international competition in the market crisis, up from the overall analysis, small and complete production company, with independent intellectual property rights and patents of high-tech less lock company, leading to quality is very unstable and inferior products flooding the market. So, how we can raise the overall quality of Chinese manufacturing locks, so the industry into consolidation path. Hardware Manufacturers

The development trend of China's lock products should be a high-precision, high efficiency, high fastness, multifunction; two multi-standard, multi-species; three standardization, serialization, universal, show their characteristics; technology and technical strengthening should be: cutting processing technology, stamping, die-casting technology, surface treatment technology, automated assembly line and other aspects. China Locks Factory

China should have a lock industry with overall organizational goals, scientific and technological progress in order to gradually improve the stability, such as product mix, product quality, technical equipment, innovation, talent structure and so indispensable. Lock is a necessity of life, is a household hardware, but it is also a kind of security products, the industry's development is good or bad, related to each of the family unit, safety in public places. In the increasingly competitive international market promotion today, China is still a lock if no sense of innovation, do not stop before, is bound to be eliminated by the international market. Like a modern high-tech operation with Italy, the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain and France, it can be regarded as lock power, their technical level and the level of technology in the world leading position. World famous locks from these countries, but as these countries increasingly expensive labor force, to the 1970s, low-grade locks production centers gradually transferred to the Asian Tigers, and has achieved great development. By the early 1990s, the Asian Tigers rising labor costs, decreased competitive advantage in the global market increasingly lock recession. In this opportunity, China lock Business seize this opportunity, mass production, to 1992, China's total output of 1.05 billion locks, exports more than 200 million to gradually become the largest producer of locks. However, so far, China lock industry is only one in a growing market, according to media surveys, preliminary conclusions, Chinese lock company in the country are unevenly distributed, cluster phenomenon is outstanding; disorderly competition Yan, hardware profit is extremely low, thus seriously interfere with the development of the whole industry.