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Locks to choose copper material

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-21

     "How to prevent thieves unlock technology, the public must choose the right internal structure design, material good lock." Unlock Industry Association president Zhao Yan city told reporters that "in the choice of materials, the public must buy pure copper. for the internal structure of the problem, some of the traditional, mostly up and down the locks lock style bean connection, the lock is very fragile, there are some design flaws. lock cylinder to be elected a non-dislocation type of lock, this design is more reasonable. " door manufacturers

    So if people buy locks locks judgment has been upgraded, it is to lock it good? Zhao Yan replied, "the key into the lock cylinder one-half to push, can gently pushed into the lock is good; the contrary push not get jammed situation is not a good lock" door handle supplier

    In addition, in the case of the Internet to answer tinfoil unlock the security door open easily spread, said Zhao Yan, tinfoil not 100% lock can be opened only for the tinfoil unlock the lock function. As long as the public enhanced tamper security awareness, choose the regular manufacturers of locks and security locks can be.

    Unlock the lock is very simple home five years in respect of change

    Zhao Yan president also reminded the public that many people now recognize the existence of errors to a certain extent in terms of locks that lock is not life, in fact, family life generally only 5 locks , The natural wear and tear causes the lock problem, but the appearance and use is not obvious, but the safety factor will reduce a lot, which to some technical unlock criminals provided the opportunity. "5 of 5 years to replace a cylinder, it will be more secure."

    It is understood that the current domestic anti-theft lock standards are industry standards and corporate standards. Which, according to the 1994 introduction of the "machineryAnti-theft lock People's Republic of China Public Security Industry Standards "(GAT73-1994), domestic security locks according to their ability to be divided into general level of protection (A grade) and high protection level (class B), in addition to C grade, but its mainly for electroniclock. Of course, there are also domestic standard business concluded, but the standard is only to upgrade the B-level locks to "B + class", or "super B-class." Zhao Yan suggested that the average family can use the B-level locking. Door hardware manufacturer