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Magnetic glass door lock installation and precautions

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-28
Glass door magnetic lockInstallation and precautions are herein ChineseSmall as we explain the key elements, the glass door is very common in various places at home, offices, shops, etc., the glass door is pretty but there is a certain relationship with the installation method, the following small series to introduce the glass door installation method , glass door installation considerations: door Lock manufacturers
Glass door installation method:
1, positioning, actinomycetes
Fixed glass composition and activities of the glass door glass door, unified pay-off position, depending on design and construction drawings, glass door release positioning line, while determining the position of the door frame.
2, the installation box at the top slot limit
Limit slot width is greater than the thickness of the glass should be two to four mm, groove depth of ten to twenty millimeters. Installation, starting from a line drawn where the bombs in two metal decorative plate edges, then press the edges to install the door frame at the top limit of grooves, the grooves by gluing pad deep inside the adjustment slot.
3, installation of metal finishes wood bottom bracket
The square wooden fixed on the ground, all-purpose adhesive with a metal wood veneer glued on. The use of aluminum tubes, aluminum angle can be fixed to the frame column, or with wood screws embedded in the floor of the wooden bricks. Door handle supplier
4, vertical door installation
Then the nail bomb centerline vertical square wooden frame, and then determine the shape and position of the door frame with plywood, metal decorating and finally outsourcing. When the package finishes finishes should head the joint position on both sides of the door glass installation location.
5, the installation of glass
Glass thick glass sucker machine to suck tight, the plate glass lift moves to the installation position. First glass insert upper restraint slots at the top of the door frame, then put in the end of the lower part of the glass tray on.
6, the fixed glass
In the bottom bracket on the inside and outside lumber nail two small square of wood caught in the thick glass door, brushing all-purpose adhesive on the side facing the metal and wooden stick on the side of the wood strips.
7, injection plastic glass sealed
Restraint slots on both sides of the top and bottom of the tray slot, and the gap at the joints and other thick glass and the frame columns, glass, plastic injection sealing tools to scrape off the excess plastic glass.
8, glass butt
Glass door fixed part because the size is too large and require stitching, seams to have its width two to three millimeters, the glass edges to be chamfered.
9, spring installation
Install the front door and the door frame surface to the top surface of the spring locating pin should be installed and must be coaxial, the installation is best to use checks to ensure that the vertical hanging in the same line.
10, install the upper and lower doors
The upper and lower metal doors glass doors were installed in the upper and lower ends, if the door height is not enough, next door folder glass bottom skids plywood strips.
11, fixed glass doors doors
Set a good door height, on both sides of the gap and down the glass doors and wooden strips inserted inside the injected plastic glass fixed in the gap.
12, door installation
First positioning pins with their own adjustment screw adjust the beam plane two millimeters, the glass door of the office to put up, the rotation pin connector holes of the lower door leaf folder aligned spring pin rotation, rotation of the door hole set The pin on the rotating door and the door frame beams at right angles to the door-to-door folder rotatable connector holes in the door frame positioning pins on the beam, adjust the positioning pins of the adjusting screw, the positioning pin into the hole. Door hardware manufacturer
13, handle installation
Before installing the handle portion is inserted glass coated with a little glass, plastic, and glass when the handle assembly by the roots and then press the fastening screws tightly to ensure no loosening handle.
Door Installation Notes:
Glass door glass doors Installation Methods Installation Considerations
1, the installation in front of the glass doors and windows to check whether the fan level, reserved perforations are complete, accurate, and if you do not meet the requirements should be corrected.
2, installation of steel frame, steel Szymborska fixed door glass applications, spacing not greater than 300mm, and at least two on each side, can also be rubbed with steel Szymborska putty surface, in order to increase tightness.
3. fixed with putty, the putty should be tamped trowel. As with a rubber pad, rubber pads embedded in first, with layering and screws.
4, such as the use of layering fixed, usually at four sides or on both sides of the pressing strips, sealants and sealed.
5, the installation of various auxiliary materials to meet the design requirements and related standards.
6, assembled stained glass, glass flower time zone should be consistent with the designs may not be misplaced, oblique and curved loose toward the glass should meet the design requirements.
7, installed to do the cleaning work after installation.