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Many people mistake theft awareness

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-21

The thirty years old from the police contacted the police perennial theft. He said that based on his experience in handling cases, many people are very security conscious error. Door Manufacturers

Some people do not think can not open the lock, nor pry open the door, the thief who can steal in order to steal, so we deal with the negative response or abandonment. I would rather spend a few hundred thousand dollars to buy clothes and food, but also do not want to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade their own security locks security level, and even some people deliberately put hundreds of dollars at home, so little things secretly angry not intentionally damage home goods and even assault.

The old police said, the good lock installed at home, you can defend a thief. Do not buy locks are cheap, or very easy to buy inferior lock. There are many people "re-lock the door light" mentality, willing to spend a thousand or even a few thousand dollars to buy a thick security doors, anti-theft effect is not willing to buy better locks. Under normal circumstances, mainly crime burglary cylinder by opening the way. Therefore, the public is advised to spend more money for a B grade or super B cylinder above the level. Some new residential security doors fitted with a stylish locks, lock, which locks the price is not cheap, but some locks, fingerprint anti-theft performance is not good. Doorknob supplier

In particular, he advised, should cultivate the habit locked the door, this is the easiest, most economical way of security. Under the general anti-theft doors in all directions there are 9 to 12 bolt after bolt will extend all locked lockout was like, so that you can tamper, increase the difficulty of unlocking the thieves technology to extend the time of committing the crime, it was found probability increases. If only the door locked and not to bring, contributing only an elastic tongue, then use the ID card or other cards will be able to open the lock; and unlocking tool from the cat into it, it is very easy to be able to open the door, not the back of the card slot The cat is very easy to take down the. Door Hardware Manufacturers