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Never high-end security door with low-level lock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-16

   Lock looks very upscale, but the low-level security lock cylinder too.

Mr. Wang's mother lived in Kunshan Chaoyang Village, recently in the evening, police said the mother of his residence stolen, valuable jewelry and thousands of dollars in cash was stolen, even worse is the bank card and passbook and password written on paper Together also stolen. Door Manufacturers

   After police arrived at the scene, so the owner immediately report the loss to keep the bank card and passbook internal funds. Police suspect the thieves understand technology to unlock the underlying causes of the lower level cylinder owner. No traces of lock picking scene, there is no damage to the windows, unlock concept art that many people do not understand, unless a similar incident occurred in the surrounding relatives and neighbors. Doorknob supplier

He rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the alarm investigation. The police claimed that his mother more than 60 years, living here alone weekdays afternoon, when the old man went out to lock the door to leave, come back, but also normal with a key to open the door, the door was found at home after the stolen articles were upside down. Later examination revealed home gold and silver jewelry, more than 2,000 yuan in cash and bank book and bank card was gone. Crucially, the elderly fear not remember passbook and bank card password, the password written on a piece of paper, the paper was taken away. Fortunately the police so that they promptly report the loss, the current passbook and card funds are not being withdrawn. As for the thieves is how the door? When the police investigation found that the doors and windows are intact, with no signs of being broken open, a preliminary analysis of thieves know how to unlock certain technology. China Locks Factory

That night, the police contacted the owner by the way the people of Kunshan gold lock locksmith to replace the lock. According to reports, the owner of the home renovation a few years ago, anti-theft door locks installed a more upscale, there are six light bolt, but the lock still belong to the lower level of the A-level security lock cylinder. According to Jin Shun Jin locksmith introduced low Class A cylinder-theft performance, for ordinary people will not easily open, but people who know how to unlock technology, even a few seconds can be opened. That night, the locksmith is the owner of more sophisticated replacement cylinder C-Class, even if the technology is difficult to open the lock. Police remind residents must have a security awareness at the end, the best conditions the anti-theft locks core upgrade, be sure to leave the house in the locked security door.

   Local locksmith gold has been the way the people for the general public to provide affordable and secure various brands of cylinder, the store installed so you really had to rest assured of.