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New security doors, "see the face" unlock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-20
        May 30, 2013 morning, the international community, public security technology and products Expo opening in the city. The exhibition, some new security doors and other civilian security facilities concern. Door Manufacturers "Face Lock" there are different models, up to 4,000 sheets input face, can be used in office buildings, offices, apartments, finance room, confidential room and family. "According to technical personnel," this with a family "face lock" security doors, up and down the four batteries were installed, out of 20 times a day in accordance with the calculation, you can use a year. There is also a USB interface, home applications face entry system, able to enter the face 30, photo storage upper limit is 100. In addition to you and your family, relatives and friends can be the accessibility, but also be able to try to unlock each person recorded, so you can record according to U disk trace. "Technical staff stressed that when face recognition or password authentication fails for three consecutive times wrong identification will trigger the alarm system, even if the door ajar, the system will automatically alarm. Doorknob supplier It is understood that this session of the Security During the fair, more than 200 well-known enterprises from home and abroad will showcase alarm monitoring, intelligent transportation, fire-fighting equipment, intelligent buildings, public broadcasting, networking applications, electronic information, nearly 20 categories of domestic and foreign latest security technology and products. gate Hardware Manufacturers