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One second teach you to distinguish the locks' safety

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-02-05

      Smart lock means different from the traditional mechanical locks, user identification, security, manageability more intelligent locks. With the social, technological, cultural progress, mechanical lock security has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the people, and slowly withdrew from public view. Thus, intelligent locks replace mechanical locks gradually become the industry trend. Door Manufacturers

It is understood that China's current registered manufacturing enterprises lock thousands, many medium and small enterprises, mostly individuals, private enterprises, basically belong to labor-intensive industries. Long been engaged in the export processing or OEM business, many smaller private enterprises have long formed only on quantity, not quality of ideas and practices heavy, and some companies do not even have their own design and production of high-grade lock capability. This is the root cause of the current market generally poor quality of domestic locks. Doorknob supplier

Lock product quality worrying, the quality of lock products has become a "commonplace" problem, such as "a key to open the lock N" This title frequently hit the newspapers, it has been "surprising", and but for my lock industry, long-term quality problems are not resolved, the industry made sand equipment exhibition is very unfavorable. Lock jaw broken machine price is very high with the technical requirements of a hardware product, but due to the relative lack of regulatory measures, the industry's "threshold" off than lower, so that our country lock industry was mixed, the low level of production technology, resulting in the market locks mill product quality problems than plus serious.

The current understanding of the lock industry, the traditional anti-theft lock password combinations are based on the mechanical way, even if the shape of the keys vary, but as long as the key is inserted, marbles and perforations in the lock fitted to each other can be successfully unlocked. However, a combination of convex and marbles perforation is not possible to sort unlimited combinations, so the case if there is a key lock upstairs downstairs able to open is not surprising. In addition to traditional locks may appear the same, this combination also allows criminals can easily open the door, threatening the personal and property safety of the head of household. These problems require a smarter, more secure locks appear. With the improvement of people's living standards, intelligent electronic lock broader market. Many senior housing and for smart home and security demanding customer requirements for the smart lock is Feicibuke. Because smart lock, fingerprint security intelligence, the future will be the trend of intelligent home lock. Temporary electronic era of rapid development of technology, the traditional locks should be shipped develop their own form of smart technology. Intelligent electronic digital lock for the lock industry can be said to be a revolution, it brings innovation, bringing life and hope, it will create a new future lock industry. China Locks Factory