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How to choose and daily nursing knowledge of locks,have you learned?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-06

Our lock lock brand of high-tech industry investment are increasing year by year, the market demand for high-end locks increasing year by year. Lock enterprises have also developed IC card electronic door locks, electronic locks, encryption type magnetic door locks, building intercom security system, valve lock. Some companies are developing fingerprint. Because of the high end locks with high technological content, more prominent humane, personalized features, so a relatively high profit products. Door Lock Manufacturers

Locks on the basic materials market is divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, Steel and aluminum. Good strength stainless steel, corrosion resistance, color change, is the best lock-making materials; copper more generic, superior mechanical properties, the price is also more expensive; high-quality zinc alloy extremely resistant, corrosion resistance is very strong, easy molding, generally used to make mid-range locks.

For maintenance with optional locks herein, this list of points need attention. Door handle supplier

1, we must first understand whether the product name and address, trademark and check whether there is a qualified professional inspection agency report recently issued.

2, the purchase of material should be moderate, when you want to feel secure, reliable, and must not choose cheap quality times with inferior materials manufacturing all kinds of locks. Door hardware manufacturer

3, locks installation is key: To be held in strict accordance with the instructions to install the product, to recognize the installation center distance, the scope and method of opening locks. Particular attention can not be installed on the humidity of the wood frame door to guard against corrosion of harmful substances.

4, locks the surface should be clear, the surface is not rough, to feel comfortable. Lock opening rotating flexible locking device should work, can not have a feeling of failure feel better security performance.

5, usually kept clean lock body, cylinder guard against foreign matter into the tank ball, resulting in open play when rolling, and even lock can not be opened.