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Optional locks

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-03

Cylinder security level will decline year by year, preferably every 3 years to 5 years for a. We must first understand whether the product name and address, trademark and whether there is a professional quality inspection agencies inspection report issued recently. Door Lock Manufacturers

Secondly, the appearance of the lock should be clear, the surface is not rough, to feel comfortable. Lock opening rotating flexible locking device should work, can not have a feeling of failure feel better security performance.

Third, the purchase of material should be moderate, when you want to feel secure, reliable, and must not choose cheap quality times with inferior materials manufacturing all kinds of locks. China Locks Factory

Fourth, the installation is also a key lock: in strict accordance with the product instructions for installation, installation center distance must recognize, scope and methods to open locks. Particular attention can not be installed on the humidity of the wood frame door to prevent corrosion of harmful substances.

Fifth, usually clean the lock body, to prevent foreign matter into the cylinder groove ball, resulting in open play when rolling, and even lock can not be opened. 

In addition, the selection of anti-theft door but also to seize the following to identify the anti-theft lock high security coefficient:

1. Look key "tooth." The more teeth, tooth deeper, more complex arrangement, the greater the difficulty to open, the better the anti-theft performance.

2. Pick the lock on the pounds, said the two, a look at the ratio by weight of titanium cylinder. The heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock cylinder, the more beads within the cylinder, the better anti-theft feature.

3. Options to see the color of the lock cylinder, look at work than color. Good quality lock cylinder electroplating process, the surface is smooth, bright color. Wherein the copper core is a deep yellow color, relatively strong, better anti-theft performance, cylinder dark color, the color gray bubbles are zinc alloy, anti-theft performance in general.

4. Turn the key inserted in the lock cylinder poor security performance jammed after half the key is inserted, with a 5-7 component clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation and continue to press the key into the lock port, a key difference between the description of the lock cylinder anti-theft performance jammed smooth rotation in a good state of semi-inserted into the lock cylinder described anti-theft effect. Door hardware manufacturer