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Replacement of locks, you should choose the regular guaranteed way

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-01

Community safety, in addition to a good environment, the households in the sturdy anti-theft security doors also need a very good performance locks. August 4, Reporters individual cells of 10 households were visited and found higher only four residents of the home door security level. Well, there are security risks locks households, where you can change to security locks it? Many residents do not know the family is safe locks. Door handle supplier

"My security door looks very strong, never happened theft, security locks should be more of it." Yesterday, in an interview, many residential property owners have such views. However, the lock professionals Members of the keys to identify the owner, etc., found a lot of looks very solid security doors, in fact, anti-theft performance is not quite that good. In total 10 of the plurality of cells owners during the visit, professionals find that this These locks only four owners of Class C or more locks locks, such locks can be effective in preventing the occurrence of various technical unlock burglary incident. Another four residents of the home locks grade B, so that the original comparative safety locks Full, but now you can also open a technical unlock such locks, but there are some security risks. There are two residents of the home for the A-level locks, which lock the worst safety performance, the use of technical unlock, open just a few Seconds. Replacing locks should not "styled" anti-theft locks if the discovery of poor performance at home, you need to be replaced, then choose a reliable company for the lock is particularly important. In the visit, reporters found that many cell Walls, security doors, corridor, etc., can be seen "home to provide for the lock" ads or "wild advertising." These locks companies in the ad also claims specified in industrial and commercial registration and other words, the public security department. In this regard, the lock industry Ministry sources said that all companies need to unlock the business sector, to carry out business also need to unlock the public security authorities. If a lock company can not do these two points, there is certainly a security risk. Through formal recommendations have Ways to ensure change locks every summer, often high incidence of technical unlock burglary. Public security organs cracked the case shows, whether old or new high-end residential community, and the company, warehouse, basement, etc., may become Target for the criminals start. Professionals recommend therefore to replace higher level of security locks, the best choice for reliable and guaranteed way to change the locks. China Locks Factory

Reporter intern Wang Tao Bai Kang Ho Yue-jiao send security locks door service hot in recent days, many people call our hotline, asking where to buy rest assured that the security lock? In order to solve readers Worries, the newspaper devoted to defense shield contact this specialized production enterprise Super C-class locks, eliminating all middlemen, ensure that the "defense shield" Super C-class cylinder are authentic, reliable quality in the cylinder, improve service there insurance Card at the same time, profits will be minimized, so that the public peace of mind and ease. In order to repay our readers that specializes in providing on-site service for the lock. Reporter intern Wang Tao Bai Kang Ho Yue-jiao solemn promise: 1. "defense shield" Super C-level locking Core: Market Price 628 yuan / to, buy now through the newspaper, only 428 yuan / to, at the same time, within the Third Ring Road in Xi'an free home installation. 2. by a professional team of on-site installation and commissioning. 3. The booking for the lock, A: Hotline: 029-88220000; B: Follow Xi'an Evening News "Western Night Tesco" public micro-channel number, enter the micro shop order. Reminder: 1 has been replaced for the lock cylinder super C readers, should remain a key to a safe place, to prevent the loss of the key, the lock Even if a company can not open the lock. 2. Super C higher safety level of the lock cylinder, the key to each cylinder are made through a special process, this key can not be copied temporarily lock repair shop in general, please safekeeping. Door hardware manufacturer