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Research and development, quality lead

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-31

Locks of the first in the industry to establish a self-developed system, set up by a staff of nearly 100 professional R & D design team, the annual design costs accounted for more than 2% of sales. "Allow consumers to enjoy the beauty." Become committed to the pursuit of the mission of the door business. At the same time, with the internationally renowned industrial design firm long-term cooperation. Locks of adhere to the original design, the appearance of patents obtained 30 per year Item above annually. So far, Locks of independent intellectual property rights of national patent up to 242. Door Lock Manufacturers

    Quality is the life. Locks of their responsibility to create quality products, and actively implement quality management, improve the quality of management and inspection agencies to develop internal control of product quality indicators, and to strictly implement the relevant national standards, industry standards and corporate standards. Door handle supplier

    Locks of active use of ISO production, strict production process control, product quality and stability, to maintain product quality in the domestic leading level, leading products reach the international advanced level. The company firmly establish the concept of quality, "the next process is the customer", the use of strict and scientific management methods, advanced means of detection products, effective training and incentives combine to make employees fullest excellent Production skills. As early as 2004, the door was set up quality inspection center; in 2005, Locks of zero defects through the German RWTUV company ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification certificate. In 2006, to strengthen the quality inspection center, simulate actual use harsh quality tests. Step in the development of operational procedures, manuals and other relevant quality management file, it is also equipped with a special part-time within Auditor, distributed in different plant positions, responsible for oversight and management quality system daily operation. Effective quality assurance system, the company's quality management standardized and institutionalized, process-oriented aspects to a new station Order. In 2007, he won the first in the line by the National Standardization Management Commission issued the "adopting international standard product certification mark."

    After years of careful work, Locks of first-class product quality and stylish appearance to win the favor of many consumers and praise. Not only won the "high-tech enterprises," "Guangdong Province Famous trademarks "and" good behavior standardized AAA enterprises "," China locks product quality enterprises "," hardware industry Top Ten Influential Brands "," 2016 annual value brand "and other honors, has become the best-selling locks Brand, was selected and the Great Hall of Beijing Olympic Media Village. China Locks Factory