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See the lock base development

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-13

At present, China has become the biggest lock in the world producing and consuming countries, manufacturers mainly in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong four places, in the category layout in which the formation of Wenzhou transportation lock manufacturing base, Zhongshan Xiaolan to door lock-based, and Zhejiang Pujiang to padlock the main, these four locks to become China's largest production base. Door Manufacturers

Currently, Siu Lam locks lock market accounted for 40% share in China, accounting for 37% of total exports locks, Xiaolan with Chinese "Southern Lock City" reputation, the most representative companies have "solid edge" door locks. Doorknob supplier

River lock padlock industry from a single product development to more than 300 varieties and specifications Drawer, security lock, motorcycle lock, door locks and the like. After 30 years of development, River padlock industry continues to expand the scale of development, has become the country's largest padlock production and processing base, product distribution center and export base. "China padlock Center", "Chinese padlocks production base" has become one gold card Pujiang outward display image. China Locks Factory

Wenzhou engaged in manufacturing locks and has a certain scale enterprises with a total of more than 400, of which more than 50 million yuan in output value of more than 60 scale enterprises, Wenzhou City, won the "Chinese locks are" honorary title. Representative enterprises Sky, Pa ability.

Shandong lock industry enterprises are mainly concentrated in Yantai, which went three-ring lock Industry Group is the most representative. Sanhuan Lock Industry Group, founded in 1930, is the hardware lock industry, "originator", but also represents the level of development of Shandong locks industry.

Throughout the four famous lock industry base, either from their basic situation overall, or in terms of their size, they are different. The next 10 years, each lock industry base further rapid expansion is very possible