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Situation unlock Industry

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-27
Internet + mobile providers are affecting our smart home life, traditional lock, change the lock will have been seriously affected, mainly in: Door Lock Manufacturers
1, advertising difficult.Locksmith through traditional advertising to attract small business, industry and commerce are often chased punished by his colleagues covering advertising, have been shut out residential property management security; China Locks Factory
2, then living difficult.High bovine B number, and rising 110/114 cooperation not every locksmith can do things; individual locksmith will do the hard money to pay Baidu promotion but with little success (peer and Invalid Clicks wasted).
3, difficult to make money.Locksmith alone a few scattered single emergency unlocking business is difficult to make money, like hit the jackpot with this service received, a quote service is also frequently challenged users.
4, trust is difficult.Alone to the user's sense of security is poor, and often not respected, social welfare and low achievement. Want to switch for many years and not willing to face a dilemma, wants to run a proxy locks risky financial pressure, even the best locks and unlock technology products, no customers came to the door is no good!
5 docking difficult.Lock manufacturers hope to establish business cooperation with the locksmith, locksmith are willing to undertake the installation of after-sales work, but they are difficult to understand the process, the transfer is not convenient to each other, and landing fees paid services difficult to implement. Door hardware manufacturer