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Smart lock is new, the domestic market has huge potential

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-01
    With the development of intelligent household industry, speed and extent of smart home is accelerating, expansion, the acceptance by the people with the development of information technology also continues to increase. InMarketDemand change when many household appliance companies, IT companies,SecurityCompanies in transition, into the emerging markets, launched a series of smart home products, further accelerating the speed of the market. Smart lock is a smart home craze was born earlier intellectual products, door without keys, brush faces in order to walk in the door, this once to see the scene in the science fiction film, now entering to the life.

  Smart Home rush intelligent door lock

  Intelligent electronic lock as product of China's intelligent home products started earlier, in the market is a booming, the study found, the market standard in the blank stage. Standards introduced the smart electronic lock is activated the further development of the market, according to the China electronic Chamber of commerce-related charge, not only to China's electronic locks provide services based on standard market and protection for human security, locks involving domestic security, pursuing novel and intelligent, but there is no security at all, it's going to be a lot of damage to people. Door lock manufacturer

  So, in security performance aspects, electronic intelligent lock of security standard faced two big test, soft, and hardware technology are needed height anti-theft, on electronic intelligent lock new standard deep has research of industry people Lai Wenkun said, electronic intelligent lock standard of focus may has two big aspects, a is products software of added decrypt technology requirements, and II is products mechanical unlock of lock core quality requirements, to makes electronic intelligent lock more with times applicability, both integral. Enterprises in product design should focus on both subjects. Door handles suppliers

  To further standardize the development of electronic anti-theft lock industry, improve the overall quality of e-lock products in China and grade level, the Ministry of public security and police electronic products quality inspection center and strategic alliances in technological innovation of China's hardware industry launched the new revision of the standard for electronic security locks. Currently the electronic lock has finished the first draft of the new standards, are in the approval stage. Door hardware manufacturers

  Smart door lock market is activated

  Standard sound activated intelligent lock market, locks branch of China National Hardware Association will study the smart electronic locks service issues, timing out electronic locks service standard requirements.

  Judging from the present residential lock market, most families are installing cross lock, Crescent Moon locks, and lock and other ordinary anti-theft lock, smart locks users mostly high-end hotels, apartments and villas, General home users do not share 2%.

  Data shows that smart lock in the world with annual sales of $ 3.5 billion, in Japan and Korea, smart locks zhanmin lock more than 70% market, Korea apartment intelligent lock usage rate is as high as 90%, also to Europe and the smart lock lock 50% for civilian markets, our country the smart lock have a big market space.

  Lock industry association, Guangdong Province, said He Jianqiang, in the Internet age, smart home is an irreversible trend, and smart lock is a smart home, entry-level products, consumers do not have to install the full set of intelligent home system, but smart lock to ensure safety and convenience is necessary, this is also in line with the present $literal, after the mainstream technology, fashion needs.

  It is understood that Apple, Samsung and Google have focused on this market, and launched related products and programs, believe that as standard floor, intelligent door lock market in China will usher in a new beginning, when more and more users will use the intelligent door lock, lock as door locks are now becoming one of the families.