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Something about the five elements lock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-02-03
       Any door also has its own five elements, locks can be divided from the Five Elements Feng Shui position of Science. Namely: golden, wooden locks, water locks, lock fire, earth lock. Door Manufacturers

       1, golden: gold do not pay attention golden locks, here it is in accordance with the shape of the door lock, style, collaborated like theory. Who alone is the golden locks on. Visible, golden are enduring.

       2, wood lock: Whenever rear door, but also their own locks with a key lock is the wooden locks. Although usually trouble, but it will not be the kind of problem the following water lock. Doorknob supplier

       3, water lock: close all doors will automatically lock after lock is the water lock. "Water doorstop," water lock sometimes too much trouble, often the owner to go outside, the door was shut winds, locked, and the keys did not bring out.

       4, fire lock: all with a password to unlock the door lock is a fire. Usually on the safe use more, but some sectors and residential door locks will also take this approach. In addition, whenever a way to unlock with the remote lock also locks the fire. Typically car door with more, some Dwelling garage door would use such a lock, a small part of the Superior Villa will fire lock. Also, those who use the card when the key of the door, which is locked fire. Such as hotel door is.

       5, soil lock: Lock replace all other things, such as with wire, rope, etc. to bolt the door "locked." China Locks Factory