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Spherical lock how split?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-08-30

With economic development, people's awareness for the protection of their own property is also improving. For lock selection is very important, what kind of lock has a? Lock level and how to tell the difference then? Ball locks easy to use and economical, so many owners in the decoration will choose spherical locks. But the ball is broken door lock how split? Door knob supplier

Locks level - Introduction

Now the market level locks generally can be divided into: A grade, B grade, super B grade. Anti-theft performance security door outer door, security door lock anti-theft performance is also very important. Locks level directly affects the quality of the security door anti-theft feature.

In everyday life many old-fashioned door market in addition to a small part of the use of anti-theft door lock cylinder A-level, the vast majority of home security door locks are level B, a number of new residential and most stores will use the ultra-B-level locking, so you can effectively carry out the theft.

Level locks on the market there are three main, A grade, B grade and B-grade super. Life is very common locks is the second, and the third is the home door security door relatively common. Generally from the key can be well resolved out.

Before removing the need to understand the internal structure of the spherical door locks spherical. Press the door lock spherical structure is divided into marbles lock, ball lock blade. Press the lock structure into a cylinder lock ball, three ball lock lever, fixed locks, pulling gloves locks; locking device into buttons, knobs and press the knob. China Locks Factory

Spherical lock removal:

Tool assembly: rechargeable electric screwdriver, screwdriver, ball lock assembly

1, the use of a special spherical lock accessories included removal of the iron grip, the grip is inserted into the hole under.

2, in accordance with the previous steps, you can easily unscrew the grip.

3, using a flat head screwdriver to pry the pads rear grip.

4, the use of cross head screwdriver or electric screwdriver will be fixed within the screw is loose ball lock out.

5, the other side will be removed from the spherical ball lock lock.

6, use an electric screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver to remove the latch.

Look in the opposite direction inside the lock handle, the handle on a small portion where there is a small hole with a fine something hard (such as nails) insert firmly stand up, pull the handle and pull it out of the ball. Then turn out the card on the door that disc counterclockwise, you will see there are two screws with a Phillips tired knife wire removed from the outside relative to the center of the sphere can be pulled out. Door hardware manufacturer

In addition to the key lock for security reasons as well as loss, etc. need to be removed outside the door down, still need long-term use. Lock the door switch in the usual process, it is preferable to perform holding bolt handle twist into the lock, closed the door and then let go, do not force Zhuangmen, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the ball under lock and key.