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Students entrance exam to become self-taught lock design expert

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-25
  After his entrance exam into the factory workers, unwilling to ordinary self-taught, from front-line general workers become lock design expert. He is the 33-year-old vice president of Engineering, Zhongshan Yue Ma lock factory Xuxiong Mao. In October this year, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security Department of the publicity intends to migrant workers of the State Council Leading Group Office recommended in 2015 National Outstanding migrant workers in Guangdong People's Congress a list of 80 candidates. Among them, including Xu Xiongmao including Zhongshan six migrant workers list. November 2, reporters from the Guangdong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department was informed that the site, publicity period has officially ended. Door Lock Manufacturers
Zhongshan entrance exam to make ordinary workers to spend six months salary to buy a computer science design 

    In 2003, Xu Xiongmao college entrance examination, but unfortunately the results are not satisfactory, and the eyes of the university finally missed. This year, he was 21 years old, compared to other students, too large relative to age a bit awkward. Because older parents getting old, brother and sister at home a total of five people, as the home boss Xu Xiongmao after careful consideration, decided to follow the fellow from Guangxi alone came to Zhongshan rural workers. Door handle supplier
    Because there is no work experience, he was introduced into the located in Xiaolan, Zhongshan Yue Ma lock factory for line general workers. Although only general workers, but Xuxiong Mao did not let up, do my serious and responsible step. Shortly into the plant, he was promoted because of good quality inspector.
    The workshop will be some problems the machine occasionally malfunction, Xu Xiongmao volunteered his spare time for detection and maintenance of machinery and equipment. He loves to work in the maintenance of the machine, he found himself in this area are interested, so he volunteered to become master machine maintenance. When during the maintenance of the master, he began to understand the mold design and manufacturing, and more with the "turning, milling, grinding, planing" and other technology opportunities contact Xuxiong Mao began to have great interest in the product design.
    "A person can not have a diploma, but by no means can be no knowledge." As experience grows, Xu Xiongmao deeply felt the lack of professional skills. So he at the same time serious work, the use of spare time to study hard, read a variety of hardware and design-related books, improve their skills and cultural qualities. China Locks Factory
    In 2005, after two years Suochang Ma Yue, Xu Xiongmao set himself a very clear goal: self-mapping software, do a product design engineer. To learn how to use graphics software naturally inseparable from the computer equipment, Xu Xiongmao wage was only 1,000 yuan more a month, in order to buy a computer, he frugally, Minato East by the West, save a year's salary, and finally bought a desktop computer assembly.
    Bought a computer, he bought a lot of drawing software like books. After a busy work, he studied drawing software production. Taught himself about six months, he finally learned to Auto CAD, Pro / E, SolidWorks software.