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Teach you how to identify the security door lock level

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-10-17

Today's door lock manufacturers use a wide range of anti-theft locks, often dazzling consumers, no choice, today tell you how to identify the level of anti-theft lock, the lock on the market can basically be divided into three levels: A , Super-B-class, super-C-class. Judgment of lock core level, we can distinguish from the key. Identify the best level of anti-theft lock is to use the key to identify, a look at the key can easily understand the level of anti-theft lock!

The more complex the key, the higher the level of security door locks, the more secure. To determine the level of lock cylinder can look at the key to identify. We usually buy the lock when the key must not see the design of the handle, the key is the key to their own design! In this case,

Class A lock

Currently on the market A-level anti-theft lock keys are mainly the word key and cross key. A-class cylinder core structure is very simple, limited to changes in marbles, marbles and less shallow tank. Anti-technical opening time of 1 minute, the high rate of mutual opening. The ball structure is a single row of marbles or cross locks. In this case,

Super B-lock

Super B lock key for the flat key, a double row of marbles, with the A-level lock is different from the key side of a row of more than a row of curved lines irregular. Cylinder main types of 3, double-row computer lock cylinder, double crescent Cylinder, double-leaf blade cylinder. Anti-technical opening time of 5 minutes, the high rate of mutual opening. Through the strong twisting tool, 1 minute can open the lock core. Door handle suppliers

General now most of the unified configuration of the lock core for the anti-technology to open a low-level A or B-class anti-theft lock core. In accordance with national standards, A-level lock core anti-technology open time of 1 minute, ultra-B-class lock core anti-technology open time of 5 minutes. And just a few minutes, simply can not fight against the thieves now use the high intelligence unlock tool, the common A-level anti-theft lock core in the locked state, the thief with tin foil with tools, just a few seconds can be opened. Door hardware manufacturer

Super C-lock

The key shape is single-sided blade milling slot or external milling slot key, the lock type is stainless steel bilateral column and 48 blade cylinder; the Ministry of Public Security detection 600 minutes can not be opened, the regional mutual open rate of zero (three thousand five hundred Ten thousandth). The structure of the ball is double row 48 blade plus double type side column locking; if the cylinder is opened with strong twisting tool, the inner of lock cylinder is destroyed, idling is locked and can not be opened. Because it is not easy to open, the highest anti-theft coefficient, home security recommended the use of super-C-class lock.