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The basic structure of the electronic lock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-07
Now more electronic locks are 51 series (AT89051) as the center, together with the corresponding hardware circuit, set the end of the dark yard, storage, identifying and developing, driving the electromagnetic actuators and detect the drive current value, receiving sensorIt sent the alarm signal, the data transmission and other functions. Door Lock Manufacturers
SCM accept typed code and contact stored in the EEPROM password comparison, if the password is correct, the drive electromagnetic actuators lock; if the password is incorrect, promised the operator from the beginning to enter a password, you can enter up to three times; if times are incorrect, then the microcontroller through the communication line to the smart monitorCall the police. Microcontroller will unlock each operation and the driving current value is at the moment as the electromagnetic actuator status information is sent to the smart monitor, together with the receiving alarm information from the sensor interface is also sent to the smart monitor, as an intelligent analysis based on. Door handle supplier
Wireless electronic locks. Non-locksElectronic locks, may be applied to the primary logistics transportation, warehousing and transport category, milk transport vehicles, armored cars, refrigerated trucks, transporting drugs, tobacco, transport and so on. As for armored doors, manhole covers on vehicles as well as the library door, to ensure that the delivery of goods or security guards, to avoid theft action. The use mechanical lock electronic lock contact of things related skills, lock built-in wireless transceiver module, when the lock on and off, the wireless transceiver module will open and close the lock signal long-distance transmission to the monitoring host. The monitoring host admission to unlock signal appears at an abnormal time, then this signal is determined to steal and pry open signal, an alarm monitoring host information immediately, so that the persons concerned to make timely disposal, to avoid financial loss. Door hardware manufacturer