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The composition of guard against theft

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-08
   The main function of anti-theft security door, followed by decorative landscaping. When you purchase should focus on the view of the anti-theft performance and quality. On the production of anti-theft doors region, the South produced more attention to styling, fashionable looking, north of the material enough, but the process coarse, often difficult to meet the aesthetic needs of people. When you purchase, you should take into account the appearance and substance, it is best to buy brand-name products. A qualified security door, use materials, technologies are all prescribed, if the sales price is very low, it will certainly not reach the security requirements. This is, in the rural market, particular attention should be optional. Otherwise, buy a door spent several hundred dollars less, due to the quality of the door who were often stolen for the loss of more than a few hundred dollars. door lock manufacturerQualified security door appearance and composition - 1, the size and open the door to: Household standard doors generally have four sizes, is represented by the width and height of building openings consisting of four digits. For example: door opening width of one meter and a height of 2.1 meters, its specifications referred to 1021, common specifications are 0920,0921,1020,1021 and so on. Open the door into the inner door to the outer door and the inner door and the outer door is divided into left and right hand, the user can open the door for easy door opening direction to choose to. 2, surface quality and security door: security doors qualified materials used are in line with national standards, steel security door frame using steel sheet thickness of not less than 2 mm, the doors of the plate thickness is generally used in the front and rear panels between 0.8 to 1 mm, doors with internal skeleton and reinforcing plates, irrigation equipped with blowing agents, asbestos, etc. Honeycomb filler panel so that the front and rear doors are organically connected together to enhance the overall door body strength, was struck by the door, it will issue a "pound" sound, lock the door using the anti-theft locks. In addition, the surface should be treated with preservatives door, typically paint and spray, paint surface should be no bubbles, uniform color, weight of the door is generally 40 kg or more, most doors in the door frame is also embedded with rubber seal, close It will not issue harsh sound of metal crash the door. 3, security hardware: First, anti-theft locks. Anti-theft door lock is the most important component, anti-theft lock performance is directly related to the security door with a mechanical lock and electronic anti-theft door locks generally used. When the anti-theft lock selection, pay attention to products to be specified through the national certification authority. Anti-theft lock should have anti-drilling, anti-sawing, tamper, anti-pull, anti-shock, anti-technology open function. Anti-theft door locks used on the lock into a single point and multi-point locks, the so-called single-point lock means locks the lock by lock itself point door lock. Multi-point lock means except itself, while driving the secondary lock, forming a plurality of locking points, and distributed in the door frame around enhanced tamper performance. Anti-theft lock bolt (bolt) security door used their extended length, A-class security doors projecting length should not be less than 14 mm, grade B should be not less than 20 mm. Anti-theft lock housing is generally used not less than 2 mm thick steel plate or a material with a certain strength, folding, the opening should be weld or whole stamping molding. In the main bolt (bolt) gearing key parts of the body corresponding to the lock, should anti-drill steel plate or anti-drilling protection covers. The anti-drill steel plate area should not be less than 15 cm in diameter (from the locked point to the plate edge).  Hinge. Hinged door and the door frame is interconnected parts, mainly play a role in supporting the door, but should have a certain anti-theft feature. Currently hinge security door is generally used with built-in and external hinges, built-in hinge apply outside the door, external hinges applicable in the door, the inner door using an external hinge, which hinge shaft diameter is generally greater than 12 mm, if the hinge rolled steel plate, which must be welded closed side. door handle suppliers
Optional security doors should be considerations - 
1, or purchase custom security doors, police face should get awarded the "production license registration certificate" of the manufacturers purchase qualified products from a. 2. Check whether the manufacturer or merchant recent authoritative testing agencies test qualified inspection reports, especially should pay attention to whether the production batch number and model specifications on the inspection report on the same kind. 3, security doors must have a product tag code, including: a, anti-theft security door sign: FAM; Second, the security level: points A, B, C three, with the highest C-level security properties, B-class second, A-level minimum, A level which is more suitable for general home use. (: A grade of not less than 15 minutes, not less than 30 minutes Grade B, Grade C is not less than 45 minutes break and open the security door, allow time for the use of general hand tools).  door hardware manufacturer4, see the material is thick. Steel frame steel production, its surface treated steel finish