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The demand of smart lock market is growing

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-14

From mechanical locks to electronic locks, lock industry in our country has experienced leaps and bounds. Over time, China's lock market demand for new technology, new technology is increasing. Usage locks from escalating into a single card, fingerprints, voice and other high technology. People in the pursuit of safety locks also look at their convenience, advanced and fashion, and many other elements. Estimates, China's digital electronic lock industry in the next 3-5 years, the real popularity of the market. Door Manufacturers

With the increasing domestic high-grade construction, the development of intelligent digital electronic locks without delay, in the new housing market sprung up everywhere. With the strengthening of the national macro-control of real estate, environmental awareness, prices gradually return to rational prices, the focus of a new round of competition will be gradually reflected in housing, environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent, safety and other aspects of the real estate industry for high-end digital electronic door locks market demand is getting more growth. China lock factory is also advancing with the times.

Intelligent lock cylinder radial clutch design built to improve the impact resistance of the load lock, making it more secure. Moreover, smart locks also uses intelligent coding technology, anti-glare interference, reducing the power consumption of locks, reducing the frequency of battery replacement locks. High-end smart locks have these security performance, you can largely protect the user's life and property safety.

According to the survey of the physical access control market research showed that more than 70 percent of end users and 80% of industry respondents believe that in the next 3-5 years, they hope to phones, key card, tag or other means replace credential now traditional locks. The survey is further proof that smart locks the market will usher in a great change.

Technology advances, locks in change. Locks are necessities of life, security protection of God. Although digital electronic lock market is not yet mature, but can be expected, it will not be a drop of industries. Currently, the National locks sold per year in more than 2.2 billion. Only a new generation of fingerprint, for example, it is estimated that, including financial, military, office, luxury residential, including the commercial and residential market each year about 500 million sets of market demand.