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The first lock 4s shops in jiangmen blow Yue Ma wind in the lock market

  • Author:root hardware
  • Source:hc360.com
  • Release on :2015-12-31

"Previously only know a car 4s shop, there are locks have 4s shop now?" With the anti-theft products Ma Yue service center was established in Jiangmen, Jiangmen cum off convenience service station successfully opened flagship store, on March 18, "the country's first lock 4s store in Jiangmen, "door lock manufacturerthe news spread Wuyi earth! Then lock industry in the country set off a "channel innovation" Follow boom. In the industry's first "lock 4s shop" mode locks Yue Ma became public concern, the industry hot, burglar star media focus ...... "China Lock King" Lishan De and single-handedly built the "Yue Ma lock" in this spring sunny March, again bursting with popularity, the limelight Jin Jian, the country set off a whirlwind of new Yue Ma!



What is "lock 4s shop"? It refers to a series of lock manufacturers to support all elements of the overall output security products operating convenience service station has a powerful anti-theft feature anti-theft locks and related products and accessories, management system, service skills, brand culture and service system, etc. to the terminal to join who, according to the agreed terminal franchisees good rule to be responsible for operations, so lock products, security products and service, literacy and industry information security consulting services closer to consumers, the full realization of the overall sales of locks and security products, locks and burglar "Four in One" core service elements accessories, locks and security products service, knowledge and information security consulting these four aspects, it has the appearance of a unified image, unified identity, unified management standards, operating only a single The brand features. It is an outstanding personality in the physical market, with channel consistency and uniform cultural ideas. Ma Yue security products and services precisely this convenience service station concept advocates and practitioners, in addition, it is more emphasis on online sales at service stations and wireless terminals Union Consumer, online, service station close service, convenient and save costs and time - both "little mouse, easy to buy a lock" like the convenience of online shopping, but also enjoy "the nearest door, home services," the glory of personal service, to remove worries for the majority Consumer spending online shopping without having to pay expensive delivery costs, eliminating at least wait for the dozens of hours of time, but also to enjoy long-term "technical instructors in the vicinity" of personal service, but more importantly is that all services have Yue Ma lock manufacturers and service stations across the country networking support system, brand and service network sound than those scattered, disordered individuals multiple security services more quality, service and reputation. All these are simple shop or store a single individual can not be compared.door handle suppliers



"Lock 4s shop" This new model of marketing services locks advocates and practitioners, locks experts, known as "China Lock King" founder locks Yue Ma idling cylinder inventor, anti-theft devices Ltd. Guangdong dart Hill chairman Mr. Li Shande presentation, usually what we call the "4s shop" refers to the traditional car 4s shop, but in the lock industry, which has never been so clear and homemade lock companies clearly put forward the concept of "lock 4s shop" and He joined the system, with the anti-theft products Jiangmen Yue Ma successfully opened service centers and offshore service station, convenience million locks Yue Ma service station has now taken the first step steadfast. Future, Yue Ma service station convenience anti-theft products will be launched in the country tens of thousands of stores, giving users greater convenience throughout. So that people in need can easily, easily buy Yue Ma anti-theft products, know how to lock maintenance, theft learn more knowledge, enjoy better service.



As we all know, locks in every family, though unlike automobiles, electrical appliances like a big thing, but it is extremely important necessity - no security, no matter how good the car, then your appliance will be faced with theft Danger. But before, people are accustomed to "heavy price not quality" spending habits, so that over the years the average user in the selection of locks, and do not care whether it has security features, as long as the look "is a lock" on the granted considered to be "safe Defender", not knowing thieves unlock 0003 exceeded those of ordinary locks a lot. When some of the people simply do not care what no theft lock own use, not willing to buy a little better, anti-theft feature higher locks to use. This has resulted in a lot of places thieves use their technology easy to master lock on the open lock, or burglary, theft of property, car theft or outdoor, stole equipment, and some thieves steal even when it is found to harm human life, all of which gave the people life and property safety of the masses tremendous threat.China locks factory

In recent years, as the market matures locks, locks the user's consumer psychology also mature, user demand gradually diversified trend, people to a product, service requirements are also getting higher and higher, more stringent, rely on the original sales agent system can not meet the market and customer needs. Yue Ma lock the helm of the situation, the timely introduction of the "lock 4s shop", and the single listed 4s shop specifically for products, the implementation strategy of traditional channels and 4s shops walking on two legs, to provide customers with a better solution, also provides for entrepreneurs to join a strong brand platform supported, thus concern the industry and the community.

The industry veteran, said, as the market first steeped in this industry for many years in the trade, Ma Yue really for their own "lock 4s shop" appear point one hundred praise! Because it turns out, just to meet the various needs of users around, it can provide well-equipped, strong technology site service team, with specialized equipment and highly efficient, attentive service management culture, highly professional service details, training a well-established terminal services, adequate supply of spare parts complete, rapid and timely tracking service system. By 4s shop service, allows users to generate brand trust, thereby increasing sales.

"The country's first lock 4s shop opened it!" Yesterday afternoon, who lives nearby, and very shy of human contact Mr. Wang said shyly: received a friend invited him to a nearby town, located in Jiangmen City, off the coast of tea Um Park, Jianghai four No. 60 par 103 good map · View Park ~ 104 Ma Yue shops Jiangmen security product service center "eye-opener" of the phone, he skeptical. But they intersect with his friend for many years, friends never empty words, look at the state of mind he would hold more than the agreed time friend also came to the friend said earlier this newly-opened service center of anti-theft products.

"Product quality is excellent, safe product is 'to the ring, and then on the market', tried and tested, security strength is very tough!" Entering this is industry and the media as "the country's first lock 4s shop" service station convenience anti-theft products, Wang was soon attracted to the product and shock here - he readily picked up a transportation lock, The first impression is heavy, heavy, apparently using real materials. Look at the product description on many functions: anti-saw, tamper, anti-knock, anti-smashing, resist damage Shears, the inner cylinder with the latest technology Ma Yue, super b-level security features ...... almost did not think he could think of features are readily available, this is not just what you are looking for along with locks? Baoshan how can we go back empty-handed? Think of the family that put my mind has been so disturbed motorcycle lock, Wang decided to take this home locks 4s new coupon convenience store, buy a motorcycle safety locks back - so the assistance of the Purchasing Guide, Wang selection to their favorite products, happily paid for, when carrying out heavy locks, Wang has been tone deaf even hum a little song - also totally do not remember about themselves friends at the moment not arrived yet! His brother Wang can not wait to go back and change has been locked ......

With the "lock 4s shop" first family settled in Jiangmen micro-channel message with a circle of friends, etc. from the media is passed to the north and south, overnight, the country looks forward to joining Yue Ma convenience service station's phone will pour: Shandong, Shanxi, Henan Province, northeast China, Guangdong, Guangxi, Qinghai ...... locks Yue Ma Chao led the second wave of people to create wealth, it has already begun!