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The most comprehensive fire safety locks presentation

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-10

Composition structure - fire lock consists of three parts, one bolt; the second is to push the bar and the third is outside accessories. Wherein the push rod length must be ≥ door wide two-thirds. Door fittings according to usage decision can be installed or not installed,

Material - mainly stainless steel, iron, paint, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy of four, the performance is very good, you can rest assured that use. Door Lock Manufacturers

Type - There are three types heaven and earth lock: the vertical bolt lock, respectively above and below the floor frame. Single door; for double-leaf fire doors, provide a single open door function. Two-door control: the use of physical dynamics, when pushing a door can also control another door is opened. Door handle supplier

Unlock mode - a first flat push, that he pushed open the door to any position; the second is under the pressure, you need to install a door handle, the handle is pressed down to open; third is access formula, or need fingerprint access card validated, this product is currently not mature. Door hardware manufacturer

Performance - Performance is divided into two to provide an alarm and the alarm is not available. Provides alarm way voice alarm, buzzer alarm, voice alarm linkage and linkage other five buzzer alarm, trigger non-normal open state, using the wrong key or password, etc., which closely associated with fire safety arm, generally we have a professional companies to provide services.

State - There are three fire lock use. The first belongs to the normally open state, that usually are turned on, when faced with a fire, a fire shut down automatically after the alarm sounded, cut off the source of fire, protecting people Safety. The second belongs to the active state, the state is set to off, push the door when someone needs access to the door handle or pressing on, after people left, in the role of closers and automatic relations. The third belongs to the normally closed state, Fire lock remains closed, only those with permission can be opened by personnel. Will automatically open an emergency door, let people safe passage.