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Three kinds of Cylinder Recommended

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-10
Cylinder using a number of anti-theft technology, a variety of special-shaped anti-pull ball, eliminate open technology, with a unique design and marble blade, with high anti-technical open safety performance. Lock gall built with precision number marbles and ball shaped structure, the case will be automatically locked when carrying out technical and shaped billiard balls turned number must Stubbs, so that the technology failed to open. Using a variety of special-shaped cylinder marbles multiple combinations, up to the preparation of billions of key numbers, in order to achieve zero-regional mutual opening (1/16000000). Cylinder pressure increases within the lateral side legs type bayonet means, greatly improving the ability to prevent violence and strong twist. Here we will introduce species under three key cylinder. Door Lock Manufacturers

Cylinder Type:
       1, European Cylinder:
       Such cylinder application is very common, Widely used in various door locks, Fire safety locks and other lock products.Cylinder size can be customized according to the thickness of the door with the lock cylinder length of 40mm-160mm. Door handle supplier
        2, American threaded cylinder
       Such applications with high-grade cylinder locks,Good quality and safe. Less consumption. China Locks Factory
       3, fire lock cylinder
       Fire door lock cylinder applies to fire, high temperature resistant to 975 degrees 90 minutes, is a special door lock cylinder countries enforced. General specifications for 30mmX32mm.