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A few tips to teach you how to maintain the fingerprint lock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-14
   The use of fingerprint door lock extensive common to every industry in each area inside the average home, luxury villas, offices, schools, hotels, etc., the most important function is safe and convenient. Its stylish simplicity, high-end atmosphere on the grade, subject to many consumers, more and more people begin to understand fingerprint door locks, there will be more people like fingerprint locks they value.
Fingerprint slowly in recent years into the household, with the lock slowly innovation replacement, lock maintenance has become increasingly important, experts today to tell you the recipe for the daily maintenance of locks some tips, let your home safer, locks it more useful. Door Lock Manufacturers
1. Install locks, handles and panel prohibit the use of paper, taped, do not install when the wet paint on the door, otherwise it will cause damage to the surface, and a long time will fade. Door handle supplier
2. Some copper and zinc alloy locks, fitted on the door a long time there will be "spot", this is not rust, but oxidation, just wipe the oil can be removed with a special lock "spots."
3. Keep the lock body clean to prevent foreign matter into the cylinder groove ball, causing can not be opened. When the lock is difficult to open, do not use lubricating oil, so as not to clog the coagulation time. China Locks Factory