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Went to the end of the year, B-level security locks must be locked

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-26

Went to the end of the year, manage your home "Iron General"

Near the end of the year, the district where many have posted burglary prevention tips. Public how to effectively prevent burglary, natural to rely on the "Iron General" door. After years of police and media propaganda, the old A-level locking concept has gained insecurity, many people have also given their own home door replacement, and replaced with a more complex structure of the B-level locking. But even for a lock, there are still people at home in case of theft occurs, is the thief of technology are so superb it? On the other hand, some of the older readers to reflect that evening, grade B locks the use of complex, if sudden illness, it is easy because they were locked and delay treatment.Door Manufacturers

To this end, Evening living laboratory specifically ask the locks experts explain to the public how to lock the door lock B-level security and peace of mind to another.


Lock has happened to sleep

Household heart is not practical

Ms. Ji determined the end changed the locks. Let her reason for the lock, a few days ago when she slept vaguely heard someone open her family's door in. "I feel the door was opened soon." Ms. Ji a door was opened and found to be mediated by a man claiming to be called to bring the customer showings. Ms. Ji sent away immediately after this man had an idea: changing locks!

Ms. Ji said her home district downstairs posted police intelligence tips, the above mentioned recently criminals will use card designated the door, tinfoil unlock tool burglary, crime whose main object is the "word marbles lock" and old-fashioned The A-level locks. The use of the district where most of the residents of the home security door lock, it is both the safety factor is not high locks. Repair locks looked after Ms. Ji master locks, saying that this is A-level locking, and advised her to replace higher safety factor of B-level locking. Replace the "more secure" lock, Ms. Ji was a little relieved.Doorknob supplier

But she also has a question: Are B-level locks will certainly safe? The answer is not necessarily.B grade cylinder locked after three more tongue because the thief takes a long time to unlock.


Zhuangmen not only locked

Grade B locks still not guard thief

Locks expert Li Cuiqin introduction, A-level locks including conventional word lock, cross lock, crescent locks, and most of the lock cylinder, only one row of marbles structure, this lock is a thief burglary focus. Since the cylinder structure is relatively simple, and the key to unlock generally only one row slot, a row of marbles hole, using hooks, aluminum foil and other specialized tools to open. Some media reports, 90% of the thief in a minute could not open the lock will give up, but the thief to open A-level locks generally ten seconds can be opened, so the A-level locking is to start with the main target of thieves.

The current B grade lock cylinder, its complex structure, the thief can not open fast in a very short time, we are able to guarantee security. However, some residents even if the replacement of the B-grade lock cylinder, home or stolen. Why is this?

Master Li told reporters that this is because the B-level locks has such a feature that, when closed, from the house, one can easily open the door by turning the door handle, but the house could not open the door by turning the door handle method. Through presentations, the reporter saw, B-level locks after hit the door, locked the door and only one tongue. "If the technical unlock thief would then soon be able to open the door." Master Li said, even if the home is installed Class B lock, do not think that closing the door, the family was safe, but also to look at the door locked.

Reporters noted that when the doors were locked after, at the bottom of the door handle of the addition of three latch, Master Li told reporters, do not underestimate these three tongue, so that we can greatly delay the thief to open the door of time . "Thief, if not open the door for a long time, they will soon give up."Door Hardware Manufacturers