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What is the best anti-theft lock level

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-31
What is the best anti-theft lock level, currently, B level security lock cylinder prices in supermarkets are mostly 200-300 yuan, the same class B lock, but also to choose a good quality product. There are a variety of key materials, the relatively good material is steel. Door Lock Manufacturers
In addition, the only national standard A-level and B-level locking locks currently on the market over Class B lock, the lock should be Class C custom business concept, but super B-class and C-class lock lock lock must meet the state Class B Basic requirements that may exceed class B and class C lock lock regarded as B-level locking. Door handle supplier
As for the anti-theft lock core level, we can lock the body material, cylinder, key look out its ranks.
1: Lock body material
General lock body iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc., at the time of purchase should pay attention to their material.
2: Cylinder
At present, the cylinder is relatively widely used European cylinder, followed by American threaded cylinder, cylinder and so on fire, American threaded cylinder safety factor is the highest, mainly used in high-grade door locks. It is worth noting that the larger the cylinder is not more secure. China Locks Factory
3: Key
In reality most simple identification theft locks core level but also the number keys, key more complex, so the higher the level of anti-theft locks, it's the safety factor is greater. Usually at the time of purchase, pay attention to the complexity of the key.
These are what some simple introduction to what anti-theft and anti-theft lock lock heart level there is the hope that these presentations can give you some help, information described above is for reference only.