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What is the standard anti-theft door

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-18

     Entrance doors, security doors, security doors ...... "face of the market numerous" security gate ", ready to buy prospective owners are very confused security door, security door, there really are so many names? Within industry source told the author, the name of the security door has a clearly defined, and the security door inspection reports and consumer complaints are all related to the general product is a clear difference.Door Manufacturers

         The product name to indicate the security door "entrance doors, security doors, security doors, steel doors ......" If you are going to buy security doors on the market, some of these words will not be unfamiliar. Yang Yucai Xi'an Ji Fangban investigator said that since October 1, 2007, China has formulated and enforced a new national standard "anti-theft security door general technical conditions." The new national standard in accordance with vandal duration, plate thickness and other indicators of the security door products for the anti-theft security classification, anti-theft security level "A", "B", "C", "D" four, four-level locks Points should be separately closed less than 12, 10, 8 and 6, "A" the highest security level, "D" grade minimum. Whether what level, security doors with electric drills, crowbars and other tools of the weak part of destructive testing, must adhere to six minutes or more is not opened. Panpan security door sales staff told the author, "the new standard, although clearly the industry standard, but it is still difficult to avoid some bad business playing 'walking a fine line' as long as he does not use the name of security doors, so some of the standard for anti-theft doors, he can not be executed. In recommending to consumers, but deliberately confuse the concept, the concept of anti-theft door sell.Doorknob supplier