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Whether the ancient lock has a collection value

  • Author:Root Hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-14

       Speaking of ancient locks, we are not familiar, almost all before every essential household items. Now, with technological development and improved living standards, ancient lock had quit the stage of history, but the value of its collection is gradually being recognized by the market, are increasingly highlighting the high appreciation of space, collection market has become the new darling. Door Lock Manufacturers

Our historic locks, Yangshao Neolithic site found the wooden locks, lock the Western Zhou bronze appeared, and to the Eastern Han Dynasty invented a metal lock and thread dragons, leopard, giraffe, turtle, butterflies and other animals and Queensland Worm shape pattern, the Tang Dynasty is commonly used materials such as gold, silver iron lock. Ming and Qing Dynasties is the heyday of ancient locks, locks the simultaneous development of a variety of material, with lock, locks majority, more sophisticated technology, and the difficulty in unlocking shape A great innovation on manufacturing. As tricolor Tongsuo Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty crane lock, password lock, dark locks, four lock, back zipper and a variety of people, animals, and text styling locks, beautiful. Zhuo ancient lock in the possession of clever, in Park Was beautiful, full of symbolism workmanship, internal mood of wit, Strangeness ideas, take us into the mysterious quiet strange, colorful artistic realm, resulting in higher levels of aesthetic enjoyment. Collectible ancient lock from the era, wood Quality, technology and scarcity four aspects of the decision.

First, s. In general, the older the age of the more valuable collections, but in terms of the ancient lock, since a variety of reasons, locks Song, Ming and Qing helium and would be more valuable. Especially the Ming and Qing lock, whether it is practical or artistic level has great progress, there have been many fine locks. Door handle supplier

Second, the material. Ancient wooden lock material into the lock, golden, silver locks, jade lock, lock, locks, Stone Lock, cloisonne lock. The more expensive the material, the higher the value of the lock. For example, golden, silver locks, jade lock, locks, higher than the value of the collection timber lock brass lock. China Locks Factory

Third, the process. Chinese traditional handicrafts locks are, the more exquisite craft complex lock value is higher. From a technical point of view the level of the ancient lock is divided into flat carved, engraved, hollow carved, engraved, gilt, gold wrong, package Gold, gold, inlaid molding and casting. The appearance of fine carving realistic, complex pattern lock has high artistic value. Fourth, the scarcity. Suddenly, the ancient lock is no exception. Those scarce amount of surviving password Locks, text locks, dark locks, inverted fastener and a variety of modeling realistic figures locks, lock on higher value animals. Chinese traditional ancient lock in addition to the common positive opening, anti away, you need two keys at the same time open the "duck lock", with Key into the organs of three palm batter lock before opening the "three slap lock", need four key organs surrounded by blossom lock, but also some verses on the need for "Tibetan poem lock." Like rare lock, naturally more popular investment collections Of all ages. Since ancient lock has a cultural value, artistic value and historical research value, the collection and investment prospects are very promising. Now is the best time to enter the ancient lock collections. Because the value of the collection is now just beginning to be old lock Mining, generally relatively low price, large room for appreciation. And such collection is in its infancy, the collection of fewer people, but also easy to fine collection.

Identification of ancient locks trick lock identification is not imitation goods, look at the pattern, feels no sense of concavity, chemically "corrosion" is likely to be out of the pattern of imitation to do. Then also you need to check the locks work Arts, to see there is no splice ends traces also need to open the lock look inside the reed is not welded up. For the lock, the text can be seen from the carving authenticity. There is no beauty calligraphy fonts, most likely fake Goods.