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From wood lock to flat tumbler lock evolution process

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-05

Wooden lock by material restrictions are not strong enough, you can easily open the use of strength, low coefficient of security, therefore, can not meet the needs of ordinary people lock wood theft. Bronze locks born out of a simple early bronze lock structure. Fees appears copper sheet structure locks in the Han Dynasty, commonly known three reed spring lock or lock. Because porn apparatus can make a variety of changes, and can be used to determine the keyhole-shaped key style, safety, privacy than the wooden lock a big step forward, the use of range More broadly, it is widely known as a lock. Such locks since the beginning of the continuous improvement of the development of the Tang Dynasty.So far there has been120I kind of different styles with the use of secret door, orientation, two open, keyless, text, password, and other special techniques, so that greatly increased the degree of secrecy locks. Two century BC, China's production of spring lock with "Silk Road" descendant accounted Rome. So far, the city of Graz, Austria, the museum also has a collection of Han Dynasty flute sheet lock. Door Lock Manufacturers

Modern locks appeared in Rome in the eighth century. Eastern Roman people made initial blade lock, also known as keyhole lock using the key within Tooth toggle lock blade gap and its consistent switching. A.D.IsCentury Englishman Dan Nike Potter invented cam-rotor lock, internal lock metal blade use spring control the rotation,Special key inserted in the lock must be rotating blades come into contact with the bolt gap before opening.19Century, the invention of advanced European manufacturers turn cam lock up key to increase Tooth1600Species, various modifications later more so key Tooth increased the kinds of changes. Leaves keylock nice shape, highly ornamental value. It is recognized as a lock and key symbol. In many cases, large-scale gold blade lock key symbol of honor, respect, friendship.Rub I become a hero, supreme VIP privileges. Door hardware manufacturer