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oh! Life with lock small details worth a look

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-04
   We have some knowledge of hardware products for a long time will appear here, and there's a lot wrong with it. One of the most prominent is the door lock, lock us in every day use, it campaigns on a daily basis, there will be some issues over a long time. We found that many users of locked because there is no regular lock caused by improper maintenance or maintenance. Door locks manufacturer
   We look at maintenance locks should pay attention to what:
First of all, don't often use to oil lubrication
Often someone found the lock is not very good or a little tighter, like a drop of oil on the lock drops like so few quick activities to use, but we have to pay attention to ash the viscosity of oil is very easy, this lock will slowly accumulate dust inside junction block, this time a little longer lock can not be used. China lock factory
      To solve this problem is actually very simple, just cut a little pencil powder or candle is powder, through a narrow tube into the lock cylinder, and then insert the key again and turn several times.
Secondly, never used forced and turn the key to the door
       Sometimes the door is very heavy and inflexible for some reason, sinking, will be the key in the lock of bad opened, and at this time the door will have a heavy load, if you apply a small door will not open, power and in the meantime will break the keys will be more trouble.
     We should review the reasons for this. If there are doors sunk due to loose loose, loose loose screws tighten on the line. If deformation or cause unrecoverable frames, starting from the door frame will latch the corresponding extension, so that door lock switch door easily. Door hardware manufacturers